Technique of the Week: Finally, Freedom From Your Freckles!

First let us say that we are PRO freckles - they are flirty, fun and oh-so-fierce! Having said that, we know that there are occasions when you just don’t want them in the mix, so we are here to save the day! 

5 tricks to a freckle-free face: 

1. Color is key. When looking for a foundation, you’ll be inclined to find a shade that matches either your freckles or your skin tone - don’t select either! Pick a shade that is is the middle of these two, and you’ll successfully neutralize the freckles right away! 

2. Texture matters. Make sure that you find a foundation that is lightweight and sheer. Eliminating the look of your freckles is NOT about the weight of the product, it is about building up the coverage with the correct shade. 

3. Less is more. When it comes to applying powder, less is more. Your best bet is to set the layered foundation with translucent powder, but be careful not to over do it - there’s nothing sexy about flour face! 

4. Know who your friends are. Bronzer paired with a bright blush are your besties when trying to conceal freckles. This dynamic duo can simultaneously define and brighten, further eliminating the look of freckles on the apples and cheek bone. 

5. Pucker Up. By enhancing your lips with more dramatic shades and a bolder shape, you’ll naturally redirect the focal point of your face. Mistletoe anyone?






Check out the video below, where April shows you a complete contour that magically minimizes the appearance of her freckles. You’ll get another dose of April this Friday, when we sit down with her for our next edition of T.G.I.F. - This Girl Is FAB! 


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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