Step By Step - Cream Contour Kit


Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contouring Step-by-Step Guide

The Contouring makeup technique is used to make features appear smaller and more defined while highlighting is used to bring forward and accentuate your features. Each step can vary depending on a person's face shape and features.

  1. Prep Begin with your regular routine. Make sure to use moisturizer, primer, and liquid foundation and concealer, before you begin to contour. For best results, Do NOT use powder foundations or concealers before contouring with cream makeup.
  2. Cheekbones Start by choosing a contour shade that is 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Begin at the top of your ear, into the hollows of your cheeks and down towards the corner of your mouth. Allow the contour to lighten as you bring it towards your laugh line. Make sure to build up your contour gradually.
  3. Forehead To downplay a larger forehead, apply a small amount of contour beginning at the temples and along your hairline.
  4. Jawline Define the jawline by applying a line of contour right beneath the ear and down into the chin. This step downplays the appearance of a double chin.
  5. Nose Contour Begin at the inside corner of the eyebrow and draw a thin line of contour down the bridge of your nose, creating 2 even, parallel lines. To downplay a wide nose, connect the lines of contour at the tip of the nose. Using a clean foundation brush, blend until the lines are diminished and appear as subtle shadows. Be careful not to over apply product.
  6. Nose Highlight Apply a thin line of highlight down the center of the nose towards the tip. Fan out the highlight into the center of the forehead. Blend the highlight into the contour lines for a natural and defined appearance.
  7. Laugh line Apply a small amount of highlight around the laugh line to draw light to that area.
  8. Cupid's Bow and Chin Apply a small amount of highlight to the center of the chin and above your upper lip, on the Cupid's Bow. This step will accentuate the lips and draw light to the face.
  9. Blend For a natural appearance, make sure that all contour lines are well blended into your foundation. Be careful not to over blend as you still want contrast to be apparent. Sharpen the contour by applying a bit of highlight right below the contour lines on your cheek.
  10. Touch Up To warm up and complete the look, gradually apply bronzer and/or blush. Apply shimmer powder to the apples of the cheeks, tip of the nose and center of the chin. This step will draw light and accentuate the center of your face. For best results, complete your look with the Aesthetica Cosmetics Powder Contour Kit and contouring tools.


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