Step By Step - Lip Contour Kit

While fashions may change with the seasons, full, kissable lips are always in style.  Some women may choose plastic surgery or fillers to enhance their lips.  However, it is possible to achieve this look yourself with the right tools and some simple guidance!

Aesthetica Cosmetics worked closely with leading makeup artists in the industry to create a lip contour kit suitable for nearly every skin tone in a palette that includes the hottest trending lip shades and liners.  You can mix and match the colors in the kit to create an endless array of looks!


Lip Contouring Tips

Each lip shape may need a different strategy.  Keep these tips in mind to get the most from your own natural shape.

Create Fuller Looking Lips — Apply your lip liner just outside the natural lip line and use white highlighter on the center of your bottom lip.  This gives your lips a fuller appearance.  If you are using a matte lip shade, add a small amount of clear gloss for increased definition.  (Not included)

Balance Uneven Lips — Line outside on the thinner sections of your lip, and define the natural line on the fuller half.  Fill in your lips with pencil first, then apply your lip shade for richer color

Downplay Full Lips — Use your lip liner just inside the natural outline.  If possible, choose an opaque shade of lip crème and cover with gloss.


Correcting Uneven Lip Color

Step 1.  Create a blank canvas using concealer and outline your lips with the shade of pencil you desire.

Step 2.  Apply a shade of lip crème that is slightly darker than your lips’ natural tone.  Apply a small amount of white highlighter to the center of the bottom lip and finish with a touch of gloss.


Creating the Perfect Red Lip — Begin by creating a blank canvas on your lips.  You may then begin lining your lips carefully. Start at the Cupid’s bow.  Fill in your lips entirely with the same lip liner (Bombshell).  This allows the color to stand out and last much longer.  Starting on your bottom lip, use your lip brush to apply your red lip crème (Cèlfie).  Continue to your top lip, making sure to work from the center of your lips outward.  To define your red lip, re-apply your lip liner around the edges.  Finish by blotting your lips with a tissue for a long-lasting finish.  To prevent the edges from “bleeding” apply a small amount of concealer just outside of your natural lip line.


Create a Stunning Ombré Lip — Start by lining your lips with a darker lip color and fill the center of the lips with a lighter shade.  Using your lip brush or finger, blend in the two colors.  Be careful not to over blend as you still want contrast between the two shades.  You can add a touch of highlight to the center of your bottom lip to draw light to the area.  Finish with clear lip gloss.  (Optional)



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