Tips and Tricks to contouring like a pro!

Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit puts everything you need to achieve the coveted contour look at your fingertips. What was once an "insider secret" of professional makeup artists is now yours to enjoy with this easy-to-use cosmetic tool kit, complete with the colors, instructions and information to highlight your best features naturally while downplaying problem areas. The smooth, flawless airbrushed look of celebrities and cover models can be easily achieved by reading the convenient booklet that arrives with your kit.

Want to know how to do facial contouring with cosmetics? Just follow the pictures, step by step, and your new, beautiful contoured look will come to life in minutes before your eyes. With Aesthetica, you are your own professional makeup artist!

The process of adding highlights and contour does not depend on the location of the colors; instead, it focuses on the appropriate color combinations. Select a contour color that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. We recommend focusing on the underlying color of your foundation to determine the appropriate shade. Darker shades of the same underlying color ensure that your contouring looks natural. For Highlighting, select one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.


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