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With yet another year coming to a close, we thought we’d set our sights on how we can make 2016 the best yet!


After much deliberation, we decided to do away with the solitary and often grandiose NYE resolution, and make 10 beautifying commitments to our lovely selves - a pretty pact, if you will!

1. Start and end each day with a clean slate - from washing up in the AM to letting the little things go before bed.


2. Build a strong foundation for success!


3. Never hide in the shadows of your successes - you deserve to shine in the spotlight!


4. Remove yourself from hairy situations by plucking out the drama queens in your life!

5. Draw outside the lines, and always...ALWAYS use bright colors!

6. Smile and blush as often as you can - it’s good for you, and your ego!


7. Tone your mind and body as often as you tone your skin (that should be daily, ladies).  

8. Be yourself. The authentic and au natural you is the best you!


8. Brush up on a hobby, learn a new language, or set a weekly date with your besties - balance is a necessity!


9. Don’t be afraid to make noise and be noticed - this is the year of YOU!


So there you have it, here’s to another amazing year of adventures and life lessons and cheers to being your most beautiful self in ‘16 - inside and out!

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Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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