Trending Now: Wage War On Winter Weather

Baby, It’s cold outside... but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer!

No, we can’t flip a switch and make it summer...​but we can keep your bod beach-ready​, with our arsenal of everyday ​household items and DIY tricks.​​

​B​elow are simple tips ​you can use to ward off winter weather and all its wiles - for ​everything from your locks to your socks.


By Simply leaving your conditioner on 5-10 minutes longer in the shower, your hair will absorb the extra moisture it needs to make it through a blustery day. Your hair in need of more than a single shot of moisture? Create a double shot of sleek with a ​two ingredient mask from an avocado and mayo (1 cup or more, depending on the length of your hair)​. A​pply ​mask from root to tip ​and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and prepare to be amazed!


Use a loofah or washcloth as an exfoliator and gently rub your lips in a circular motion. Doing this regularly throughout the winter months will ensure that any naturally drying skin doesn’t build up and become that annoying unwelcomed layer that turns your lipstick into a bumpy eyesore! Be sure to apply a natural lip balm or chapstick as soon as you’re out of the shower​,​ and periodically throughout the day​. T​his seals in the moisture from your shower, and protects your freshly exfoliated skin.


Mix some baby oil and Vitamin E oil into your favorite lotion and apply as usual. After a few applications, you’ll notice that your skin is less thirsty. Y​ou’ll also enjoy the added benefit of repairing damaged skin thanks to the vitamin E - this includes scarring and dark spots! Timing also plays a factor. Lotioning up right after your shower is crucial ​in order to absorb the added nutrients of your lotion. Studies show that when your skin is saturated with water ​it is more porous, and ​you can lock in that extra moisture with an oily substance like lotion. ​


Ugh, dry cuticles are the WORST! To remedy dry cuticles we suggest Neosporin.
​Keep a tube on your nightstand​ and ​get in the habit of applying it ​nightly, before bed. Just a tiny dot on the center of each cuticle will do it. ​L​ay back​ and get your beauty rest​,​ and let it work through the night to repair any cracks, scrapes, or hangnails.You can also use the aforementioned Vitamin E oil on your cuticles​. P​ut some in a dropper and leave it at your desk to really babysit those cuticles 24/7.



Suffering from dry feet? Suffer no longer - coconut oil is coming to the rescue. Apply nightly or as needed and we promise you’ll be ready for sandals by Sunday Funday​! Coconut oil can also be used overnight with socks on to help cure any painful cracks in your heels​,​ or any other extreme dryness.

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Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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