Transformation Tuesday: Transform Your Makeup Routine With The 30 Second Contour

Contouring does not need to be complicated, in can be easier than brushing your teeth!

 We love this video from the beauty vlogging trailblazer, Ms. Kandee Johnson. Kandee breaks down bush types, contour powder color selection, and where you should focus your effort to make the greatest and most natural impact.

 What we love most is that by focusing on technique and execution, versus a plethora of products, she brings this trendy technique back to basics and unveils its real value!


Cut down your contour routine just in time for summer and don’t forget to post your before and after looks on Facebook and Instagram! Tag @AestheticaCosmetics, and use hashtags #TransformationTuesday #ContouredByAesthetica  and #AestheticaCosmetics.


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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