Transformation Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday: Daytime Glam Done Right!

We believe that there is such a thing as daytime glam - and you don’t have to be a celebrity to hone this hotness! This look is just the right amount of glamour for any age, and any time of day!
Check out these step-by-step tips to achieve this look right now!
1.Make sure to moisturize the skin before you get started!
2. Even out your complexion with your favorite foundation.
3. Using the Aesthetica Cream Contour Kit, add cream contour shades to best match your skintone to the places you’d like to define the most. For example: Since her face (above) is round, we payed special attention to carving out her cheekbones.
Note: Not sure where exactly to contour your face? Check out our super helpful contour charts included in your kit!
4. Grab your Aesthetica Beauty Sponge and blend until you can't see any dramatic lines.
5. Nice try, keep blending!
6. OK! Now, using the Aesthetica Powder Contour Kit, add the powder contour shades that best complement your face and the cream contour that you just completed.
7. You guessed it...BLEND! Blend with your Aesthetica Beauty Sponge until there is a soft merge of the contoured areas and the highlighted areas.
8. Complete the face with: bronze shadows, a defined brow using the Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit, and soft pink lips - we love Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit shades in Glam Squad or It Girl!


Go glam up ladies and don’t forget to post your before and after looks on Facebook and Instagram! Tag @AestheticaCosmetics, and use hashtags #TransformationTuesday #ContouredByAE and #AestheticaCosmetics.


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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