Transformation Tuesday: Surgical Lip Transformations - Q&A

Whether you’ve considered lip injections or just want to know the facts - we are here to help!

We adore Ms.Nikkie, of NikkieTutorials and, well, she is the expert on luscious lips. Enjoy this Q&A and let us know your thoughts.

We are currently content with our Lip Contour Kit - but we may just have commitment issues! Either way, we wish kissable kissers for all - no matter their size or shape...we don’t discriminate!


Have you had injections? Or do you have your own tricks to plumping that pout without the pain? Post your before and after looks on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us, and don’t forget to add #TransformationTuesday to your post.


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

  • Mozerfa Aizzati says...

    I’ve never considered ever going under the knife, but I respect another person’s right to do whatever they want to their body. But for me, personally, I’m content with what I have been born with, and when there are days that I get that lil downer feeling and my imaginations run wild with thoughts of ‘what if’ and ‘how would I look like if….’, I experiment with makeup. Fuller lips, greater pout, chiseled cheekbones, longer lashes…. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with makeup nowadays. So that’s what I do. I invest in makeup.

    On Feb 09, 2016

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