Technique of the Week: SHAVING YOUR FACE 101

Ok, we know to most of you, this sounds like insanity wrapped up in regret, but we promise this technique will create a more flawless and poreless look overall, whether you’re bareface or beat!

Before you write us off completely, you should know that this technique is nothing like what you’re thinking, there is no shaving cream or traditional razor involved! We’d also like to debunk the concept that you will grow a 5 o’clock shadow from shaving your face, and that it will cause pigmentation issues - if anything it does exactly the opposite! For those that have large follicles or excessive hair growth it only perfects the surface of the face, and for those that only have peach fuzz to excess, it makes makeup application much more seamless! A win-win for all follicle facets! 



The real pro here?! Long term results - yaaasssss! There is no longer a need to hide anymore between waxes or threading appointments...not to mention, you may not have to indulge in those uber expensive laser sessions afterall! This technique can be executed in a spa or at home with either of the below  options.

The below is an episode of ‘The Sass’ that gives you an inside look at the spa service from start to finish, complete with commentary courtesy of beauty boss babes Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh:


For those of you that are the DIY type, check out this video from Huda Kattan and learn what specific tools and tricks Queen Huda prefers. Our philosophy: if it’s good enough for Huda, you can count us in!



So, there you have it. We’ve armed you with all the info to help you make a decision. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions and if this technique of the week makes the cut for your beauty regime.


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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