Technique of the Week: Everyday Contouring In 5 Minutes FLAT!

Contouring is getting a bit of a bad rap…and we just can’t figure out why! We believe that contouring should be versatile and offer every user a wide range of wearability. Once refined, contouring is arguably the most valuable technique in your makeup arsenal; whether it be utilized to enhance your current features, or to dramatically draw out those which may not be so obvious.

 No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we wanted to clarify one thing…contouring is not just for a red carpet affair or those with extra time on their hands - think of that as the 1%! We believe that while it is fun to create a complete and transformational look, it is the everyday touches and contouring techniques that really make or break a flawless face.


With Æsthetica’s easy-to-use plethora of products and educational guides, a perfect everyday contour is achievable in 5 minutes or less!



Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

  • Donna says...

    Wanted to thank U for all the info you share. I use all your tips when Ihave my “make-up” parties w friends! We share your ideas & look fabulous !
    Thanks again!

    On Jan 14, 2016

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