Technique of the Week: Your Junk Drawer Beauty BFF

What household item is missing from your beauty regime? Scotch! No, not on the rocks...on a roll! Yes, you read that correctly, scotch tape is making beautifying a lot less stressful.

When it comes time to apply that perfectly placed winged liner, or when you’re attempting to achieve a precise contour on a less than symmetrical canvas, you can all but lose your mind - we have! Not to mention murder countless Q-Tips and waste valuable what-am-I-going-to-wear time!



We suggest that you save that frustration for whatever chaos you encounter once you actually make it out of the house and keep your beauty regime stress-free.

Seem slightly over the top, maybe a little crazy? Well, you’ll be singing a different tune once you give it a try! Just trust us…have we ever steered you wrong?



On Eyeshadow: 


On Eyeliner:



A few extra hacks, incase you’re loving this as much as we are!



Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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