Technique of the Week: Time Saving Beauty Hacks!

We are all too aware of the time that it takes to get glammed and out the door - it can be exhausting, even seem pointless...but then you see that finished look and all reservations are out the window!

We will all keep up our intensive beauty regimes - so we figure why not share some really simple beauty hacks that will help to save time! All courtesy of the adorable and advice-filled Amy Macedo!


  1. Go Bananas - B-A-N-A-N-A-S - no seriously! You can use a banana to whiten your teeth! Watch Amy just peel off a portion of skin from a ripe banana, rub on her freshly brushed teeth, leave for 20-30 min, and brush! Flavored crest strips - yes please!
  2. De-Grime those Gels! Use a slice of lemon to renew your less than fresh gel mani in between salon visits!
  3. Pit-ssues? Baby powder to the rescue! When you think your deodorant might fail you, or you just want to be sure that your new favorite frock stays fresh, you can dab some baby powder over your armpits!
  4. Put those networking skills to beautiful use. You can use a business card to perfect your winged liner. Not only is it the perfect thickness to act as a reliable guide, it has zero chance of causing wrinkles - unlike the tape trick!
  5. Spoon your way to success! Well, let us clarify...spoon your way to a successfully executed cut crease. Watch Amy demonstrate and remember: hold handle inward, over the face, for a half cut crease, and reverse it for a full cut crease look.
  6. Fork it! Your perfectly precise winged liner that is! Use a fork to execute the most symmetrical winged liner in half the time.
  7. Don’t cry… If you have an issue with your eyes watering at anytime throughout your beauty routine, take 30 seconds to fan your eyes with your hands and you will be tear-free! It seems so simple, but the ducts will dry out long enough for you to finish up.
  8. Cleavage saves lives! The lives of your dried out eye and lip liners that is. If you forgot to cap your favorite liner and it dries out - don’t send it to the glam graveyard - nestle it in between your bosoms and you’ll bring it back to life! (Amy - we just love this one!!!)
  9. Malicious Mascara?! Yes, you know what we get your eye just the way you like it and whilst wand-ing away, you get mascara all over your shadow - SO ANNOYING! Amy suggests letting the mascara on your lid dry and then, using the same brush you applied your shadow with, brush in a reverse motion over the lid to flick off the unwanted mascara.


Here’s the full video - enjoy!!!


The thing we love most about Amy’s suggestions is that they are all easy to implement with everyday items and they save valuable time! If you have any hacks of your own we’d love to hear about them! Share them with us in the comments below, or tag us in your post on IG or Facebook at @aestheticacosmetics!


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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