Technique of the Week: Lip Contouring 101

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Oh Hey Beautiful,

Since claiming the #1 spot on the list of Hot New Releases, we are having a hard time keeping our new Lip Palette in stock! To encourage your brilliant buying decisions, we thought we’d kick the blog off with an in-depth look at keeping your kissers sensational - sans surgery.

P.S. You’re welcome!


Exfoliate and Moisturize (optional) — This gives you a smooth, even surface to work with. Rub gently in a circular motion for just a few moments.  Then apply a non-greasy lip balm. You can also apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to your lips and set with powder. This step also keeps your color from bleeding, while helping your lip color last longer.


Using the lip highlighter and lip brush, begin applying the highlight just to the center of your lips, between your Cupid’s bow.  A good way to know where to apply is by putting your index finger right at the center of your lips— that’s about as much area as you want to cover.  Be sure to extend the highlight to the edge of your Cupid’s bow as well as the lowest part of your bottom lip.  Be careful not to draw outside of your actual lip line.


Next, using the lip pencil, outline and fill in your lips at the outer corners, blending inward just slightly.  Using your finger, lightly blend out the edges of the lighter color to eliminate any harsh lines.


Create definition and the illusion of fuller looking lips by drawing three lines on your bottom lip, starting in the center. On the upper lip, draw a V shape starting at the Cupid’s bow, towards the bottom of your upper lip.


Using your lip brush, fill in your lips with your desired shade of lip Créme, making sure to fill in completely. To give your lips more definition and contour, dab a small amount of the lip highlighter to the center of the bottom lip and blend gently. Complete this look by applying a sheer lip color or gloss. 


Three Do’s and Don’ts to ensure smoochable success!



  • Prep your lips with a thin layer of moisturizing balm or chapstick.
  •  Apply to desert-like surfaces...this mirage needs actual moisture! A lip scrub should do the trick - we love Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh.
  • Use a lip liner darker than your natural shade - even if you’re after the nude look, you’ll need a slightly darker shade to really showcase your lip shape.
  •  While you do want to draw just above your natural lip line - DON’T draw too high above the lip line or you’ll look less KyJen and more like your grandma Thelma.
  • Commit to the process and follow the steps. Anything worth having...well, you know the rest.
  •  Dare to leave home without us! Contouring requires upkeep and you don’t want to let the cat out of the bag by being unprepared.


OK - so we know that is a lot of information, and while there may not be an exam to follow...we do expect that you’re pouting your best lips forward, and making the Æsthetica tribe of pretties very proud.


Don’t forget to share your experiences with us by using the hashtags #AEstheticallyME and #ContouredByAE on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy Kissing!


Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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