Technique of the Week: Hooded Eyes Be Gone!

Calling all ladies struggling with hooded eyes. We have curated a wealth of information, thanks to the brilliant SugarPuffandFluff…aka Nisha, to aid you in creating that beautiful creased eyelid you desire.

Stay with us now, as we bring you into the fold (ha!) - there’s a lot to watch!

What are hooded eyes:


How to find your crease with hooded eyes:


How lash application helps hide hooded eyes: now that you’ve studied up, it’s time for the test! Below is a look that we’d love to see you try. Happy de-hooding, darling!

Smokey Garnet Holiday Look, Great for hooded eyes:


Want more from beauty youtuber Nisha of SugarPuffandFluff? Join her 30k+ followers on youtube; and make sure to check out the blog on Friday, when we'll be featuring her as our T.G.I.F: This Girl Is Fab female of the week.



Karen Cohen

Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetics

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    This is my biggest dilemma

    On Jan 04, 2016

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