T.G.I.F. With Nisha

Written By Aesthetica Cosmetics - January 01 2016


Lorraine Garrett
February 18 2018

Hi I
watch your videos all the time think they are wonderful and I have learned so much thank you I am blessed to have found you

Love and hugs Lorraine xxxx

Liz Gillespie
January 24 2018

Hi. I’ve just enjoyed watching your videos over last couple of hours. I’m 64 and love make up. I’m concentrating on my eyebrows just now as they’ve thinned and are straggly. I trim mine as you do yours. Will you please tell me the products you’ve demonstrated for them. Thank you lovely lady. So helpful x

August 28 2017

Hi Nisha,
I love watching your videos,you are such a beautiful lady,.
Love your techniques about makeup ,have learnt so much ..I am much older at 62 but still like to wear makeup..
Your personality is lovely too ,like watching a friend..

Laura Langevin
August 10 2017

I am sooo happy to have found Nisha today!

Sylvia Sharp
July 29 2017

Nisha, I found you when I was buying a Raquel Welch wig you were modeling. For the past 3 weeks I have been watching your videos and learning so much, I have applied your techniques and what a difference it has made. I was able to shop at Ulta Beauty this past week and 2 of the ladies that worked there told me they loved the way my .eyes were madeup. You have really been an unexpected blessing to me and I think you are a lovely person Can’t wait to see what you come up with next Thanks so much

February 16 2017

I really like Nisha’s blogs, her makeup is flawless and gorgeous. I just enjoy her very much. I particularly like her videos on the hooded eye, because that’s me. I’ve learned to improve my technique thanks to Nisha.

Sharon Elizabeth
September 26 2016

I love Nisha’s channel! She’s so inspirational. So many of the girls who do makeup tutorials on YouTube are in their early 20s or even teenagers. I was happy to find someone closer to my age, and she’s fantastic! She does a lot to help women with hooded eyes, like myself, and is always entertaining as well as informative.

September 24 2016

I stumbled on your make up tutorial purely by accident, I was looking for a decent cleaning cloth! Oh dear, but what a blessing, I’m 50+ & I’m really starting to notice droopy eyes now, I was an eye-liner fanatic, but have noticed my eyes not only feel tired, but look tired, I think you’ve converted me, so refreshing to see something addressing problems we face with age, fantastic, I’m now looking forward to seeing much more, thank you

Sharon Benge
January 17 2016

I really enjoy Nisha’s videos , honest reviews, and helpful tips and tricks. Mostly I enjoy her personality and sense of humor, like a visit with a friend. Sharon

January 04 2016

Watching Nisha’s videos I have learned how to apply makeup to cover the fact I have hooded eyes. She is so creative with her decorating, the decorations she made for the holidays were fabulous!

January 04 2016

I really do love watching nisha’s videos.she is so in depth in explaining how to achieve the makeup look.not forgetting how beautiful she truly is inside and out.gorgeous.

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